"Tullece is a saiyan, why not ask him?" He suggested, trying to be as helpful as possible. "He should know a lot about the saiyan race, and how children work." 

"I did. We tossed around about who the child would probably take after. At the most, I think it’ll just have horns. That’s a very dominant trait. I assume…But they won’t begin to grow until around age 4 or so. Other than that, I’m sure it’ll look mostly saiyan. Er…humanish, uhm…something like that."




「愛」”It absolutely baffles me that
         I hadn’t killed you when
             I had the chance.
              Now you’re just
             wasting my time.” 

Whoa, okay hold it. Who…the hell was that? And…was she being threatened? Not that being threatened was new for her, absolutely not but not from random people. “…Lost. I got lost.” She snorted loudly and tried to keep a calm look on her face, standing taller than the other male. “I am just lost…I haven’t done anything to be threatened by you, sir!” At least not yet…


"I guess you could say…. It’ll look quite… sheepish." He barely held in the laughter from the ahem, terrible pun he made. "Sorry, I couldn’t resist making a sheep pun!"

"Har di har har…" She rolled her eyes before letting out a small chuckle.  "The most I’ll have to worry about is the little terror eating and headbutting everything. I don’t remember how I was as a child…Nor do I know enough about saiyans…ugh…"

krazyokami asked
"I....I've been sh-shot..." (Either muse, up to you~)


Quinn’s neck bristles slightly. “Where was- is it? Is it very bad..? I know someone who can heal you!” Her neck and hair at the base of her head was really bristled. “I can smell the blood.. Can you walk? Or stand, at least?”

"Uh…" Nellsa groaned in pain. Fuck this seawater was stinging her wound. She pulled herself out of the water and slung her skin over her shoulder. "Here." She placed her hand over her right shoulder, traveling down just  a bit to show the deep wound…with a thick arrow still in it. "Y-yeah I can." Not very good though. Wobbling, she managed to stand and gripped her shoulder. "I-I was just relaxing and I felt it. I took off in a panic until I finally calmed down."


"Okay hm…what feels nice? Tail kisses? Tail snuggles? I just really like your tail okay? I mean, my tail is nice, lovely, and pierced~ Your tail has more muscles though."


"That’s something you could work on to better your relationship." Came his reply. "Well, it’s most likely going to be a boy, so I picked Broly Junior for his name. Oh, and the other is Raditz."

"Pff. I like bothering him. It’s fine. He bothers me too. I think it’s why we get along so well." Really…she should have stopped by that donut shop. Or something. "Ooh, that’s a nice name. We haven’t really talked about names. That time will come soon enough. Ah~ Looks like everyone is having saiyan babies~ Although I’m pretty sure only mine will have horns…"